Sunday School Update

Jamie FarquharYouth Ministry Blog

We are excited to announce a couple of additions to our Student Ministry hangouts over the summer! We hope to have a couple of in person, socially distanced events over the summer but will definitely start to offer, beginning May 30th, Sunday School on Sunday mornings at 9:00 am. Since the vaccine is still relatively new for students ages 12 and up, we will still be practicing the recommended guidelines like wearing a mask (we’ll also have masks and hand sanitizer available on site) and social distancing among those living in different households as a way to care for and show Christ’s love to one another. We’ll also keep praying for God’s direction and timing for the student ministry, and keep you up to date and in the loop about all the changes as they happen.

Just to recap, the guidelines for 9:00 am Sunday School currently are:

  1. Please bring and wear a mask (regardless of how many vaccine shots you may have had so that we can all protect others and their families as much as possible out of self-sacrificial, Christ like love)
    -There will also be masks and hand sanitizer there
  2. Respect others’ space and follow social distancing rules (6ft distance from others and no physical contact)
  3. 3. Be kind, encouraging, and empathic during this time since so many people have been affected in both big and small ways relationally and emotionally during this season of life.

Bring your Bible, bring your mask, and bring your hunger to grow in the image of God as a family of believers.

NOTE We will not currently be having breakfast at Sunday School.