Fresh Start Recovery


Fresh Start • A Support Group Program

Everyone is welcome!!

When We Meet:
Mondays at 6 p.m. in Wesley Hall at First United Methodist Church of Wetumpka

For more details, contact:
Paul Henderson (334) 201-5428
Monica Henderson (334) 201-2295

Fresh Start is an Out-Reach Ministry of First United Methodist Church

The Fresh Start We Receive from Faith in Jesus Christ:

1. Victory from eternal damnation and death to salvation and eternal life.
2. Victory from loneliness to real friendship filled with love.
3. Victory from worry, fear, and desperation to faith, courage, strength, and peace of mind.
4. Victory from sadness, shame, and guilt to happiness, joy, and self worth.
5. Victory from being a slave to addiction to freedom to choose how I live.
6. Victory from financial disaster to financial responsibility and security.
7. Victory from a purposeless existence to a life with direction and meaning.
8. Victory from anger, bitterness, and unforgiveness to love, compassion, respect and forgiveness.
9. Victory from denial, hurts, suffering, and pain to admit-tance, healing and wholeness.
10. Victory from self-centeredness, selfishness, jealousy, and manipulation to giving, trusting, and respect for others.

Ten Steps to a Fresh Start:

1. I admit that I need help in overcoming my problems, fears, and/or addictions.
2. I believe the power of Jesus Christ can free me, restore me, and make me whole.
3. I am willing to let Jesus Christ change my life and trust him completely.
4. I acknowledge any sins and addictions and accept total for-giveness from Jesus Christ. I also cast all of my worry upon Jesus because I know He cares for me.
5. I ask forgiveness of those I have hurt, and I also forgive those who have hurt me.
6. I extend the love of Jesus Christ to others daily, thinking of them as I want them to think about me, and treating them as I want them to treat me.
7. I pray and read my Bible each day in order to know what to do to live a victorious life.
8. I actively fellowship with other Christians and worship God in the church of my choice.
9. I share my faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ with others so they can also be set free, because He who the Son sets free, is free indeed.
10. As a result of my new life, I will walk in the Spirit daily. The fruit of the Spirit is evident in my life and I share it with others.