Summer Games

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Triple Points Week (August 1-7)!

From August 1 – 8 you have the chance to earn TRIPLE POINTS on all challenges, the Bible Streak reading challenge, Sunday School, and Sunday Zoom hangouts!

  • Challenges: Challenges are normally worth 100 points each but from August 1 – 7, you can earn 300 points per challenge.
  • Bible Reading Streak Challenge: Each day you read, apply, and send in what you learned you can earn 300 points (normally 100 points). If you also send in a picture doing each scripture passage with family, you earn an additional 100 points for 400 points per day.
  • Bonus Challenge: Earn an additional 1,000 points for Summer Games when you complete Summer Games Bingo!

Summer Games

Summer Games is an individual and team based game that lasts through the summer (June 16 – August 25). Work safely together as a team (keeping in mind COVID and best practices), and individually, to earn points and prizes!

  • Download an image of ways to earn points and prize levels for Summer Games here
  • Download an image of the Summer Games Challenges here
  • Download an image of the Bible Streak Reading Challenge here

How to Earn Points

Each week you will anonymously choose a different friend inside or outside of 1335 Student Ministry. Every point you earn, they will earn as well! The more points you earn, the faster you and your friends will level up! This is a great way to get your friends involved and invite them too!

  • Attending regular events (Zoom, in person, video games, etc.): 100 points
  • Bringing your Bible (not on phone): 100 points
  • Volunteering to read Bible passages, pray, or help: 100 points
  • Game Participation: 100 points
  • Leader Recognition: 100 points
  • Bringing a friend to any hangout (Zoom, in person, video games, etc.): 500 points
  • Memorizing Bible verses (100 points/verse): X points
  • Complete Challenges (100 points & up to 400 points per challenge – see Summer Games challenge sheet for details): X Points
  • Bible Reading Streak Challenge (up to 1,200 points per week): 100 Points per day – see Bible Reading Streak Challenge sheet
  • Participate in Bible Reading Challenges (100 points per day): X Points
  • Watch for limited time challenges and other ways to earn BIG points throughout the summer via text, email, social media, and at our hangouts!

Prize Levels

  • Level 1  (1,000 points): Candy bar or snack
  • Level 2 (4,000 points): $5 Dunkin’ Donuts Giftcard
  • Level 3 (8,000 points): 2 “Dope or Nope” game mystery items
  • Level 4 (12,000 points): Crazy socks or small LEGO set and a $25 donation in your name to the Elmore County Food Pantry
  • Level 5 (17,000 points):  Have a 2 topping pizza & a couple of 2-liter sodas delivered to your home for dinner (includes a family devotion)
  • Level 6 (23,000 points): Choose from either a crazy suit OR a hair color for Jamie and Matthew to wear or have for a month!
  • Secret Bonus Level (30,000+) : …MAXIMUM CRAZINESS! You won’t want to miss seeing Jamie and Matthew afterward!!

*for every 1,000 points you earn after 18,000 points, you also earn an additional vote for the crazy suit or hair color and secret bonus level.